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Common pitfalls


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Welcome, gentlemen.

For some time I have thought that we could collect all the various mistakes or weird things we do during shaving and share this knowledge. It will probably be not that much useful for an experienced shaver, because he either no longer makes such mistakes or is well aware of them, but it might be of some use for the beginners out there. Maybe if quality of such advice will be high enough, it finds its place here, like Ray's great tips on working with scales.

The idea came from an SRP thread, where a user was describing an accident of hitting the mirror with the scales due to coming too close to it, which resulted in a cut. When I read this I was really on the very start of this journey, yet somehow it remained in my head and I keep myself from doing it. Maybe it would work for others too.

To have more fun with this, let's make up the name for each one, maybe it will make these easier to remember.

So there go mine:


1. The Cut of The Grinning Monkey[/c]

In my case, stretching of all the area around mouth is simply making some damn crazy grins. No need to use the other hand for it, you simply think 'I need this stretched' and there it goes. Instantly. This poses the risk of doing it faster than you actually lift your edge from the place you are shaving, be it this very same area, or maybe another nearby. I keep repeating this from time to time, maybe because of that I've somehow been able to react in some fraction of second, and avoid the cut in 98% cases.


2. The Fields of Abandonment.[/c]

You've just had a perfect shave, you cleaned all the gear, oiled your razor and just preparing to treat your skin with after shave. While admiring your perfect job, you suddenly notice a patch(es) of stubble which managed to avoid the execution (always take a final look before cleaning up!). :) This, if noticed, may lead to another trouble, namely:


3. The Perfectionist's Slit.[/c]

Well, an obvious one. After noticing the Fields of Abandonment, you probably think 'Sheesh, I won't need any lather for such little thing' and you grip a razor thinking there's still enough water in all your stubble and skin to do the minor correction. Sadly, sometimes it may be your final cut (pun intended) in otherwise clean work (or irritation at least), given the fact you're probably annoyed with all the hassle.

I hope you will have as much fun reading it as much I did writing it ;)

An excellent idea, Matt. I wouldn't mind hosting such an article, yet you just assigned yourself as the Chinese volunteer to put it all together.:lol:

Here's my first entry:
The wife with the hairdryer

When shaving with a straight, during many of the motions your elbow extends out. Don't trust people in your bathroom not to bump against it, even if you have warned them that you can possibly slid your throat when they do. A wife with a hairdryer at the adjacent washbowl is lethal.

Best regards,
If something is flying around, say.....a fly or a lady bird.......dont swat it. bad things happen...... thing that is doomed to go wrong is "that quick swifff" of the knife to shave a very small unnoticed area.. Works well with a Gilette Mach 3 but _not_ with a straight :-/

Regards gents.