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consistant results


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I'm finding, using dilucot method once the bevel is perfectly set,I then do just 10 to 15 laps then add a good 3 drops of water, then just repeat untill you loose the abrasivness of your hone.

Also try and keep the water and slurry on your hone.I'm then finishing on rinsed hone for 30 laps rinse agian and do 20 laps. Then rub hone clean and perform 50 laps.

So just add 3 to 4 drops every 10 to 15 laps untill the hone looses the resistants against your razor and finish on clean water. Give it ago and see what you think. I'm passing HHT of the hone easily on a 3 after stropping breazes HHT the shaves are the best i ever experianced with out the use of any paste, infact i tryed 10 laps on 0.25 bio paste the other day, and i can onestly say there was no differance what so ever. Makes me wonder if coticules are actualy much finer than we think.
Tried this today and it went well, very well in fact, I also tried another razor on the BBW, and that went swimmingly too :thumbup: Test shaves tomorrow....

Edit: test shaves done and I must say I am very pleased with result :thumbup:
Thank you both Kind Sirs

Ralfson (Dr)