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Coochie razor


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Long time ago, there was an active thread on SRP with the very same title. Bunch of idiots kept posting stupid things in it until it got closed, but I got inspired by this idea (even posted there twice or so). Sorry for too shallow depth of field on the first photo. Without further ado, I present her to you. Overall scales length is 10 cm, working blade length is 4 cm.



This is of course a wrecked blade shortened and so were the scales to match. Kinda cute, even if the 'banana bend' is not exactly how it should be. Cutting celluloid scales using Dremel was fun, especially when camphora-smelled smoke appeared from time to time, which made me a bit dizzy for a while. :blink:

Now, it just needs to be properly introduced. ;)



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This would be a nice razor for someone who shaves his head with a straight, I've found a normal straight to be to long to be practical for that purpose. And it looses it's sharpness rather quickly. I prefer a Feather razor for that, has about the same blade length.


The subject makes me want to throw up, but that has nothing to do with Matt's razor. Any road, if anyone wants to have a go at that with a 4/8, send me a PM. I have two I will never need. One new (a barber's tool, looks very new), and one in good condition (but ugly as sin). I would feel bad selling them, but this seems like a good idea.



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That's a nice little razor, about the same size as a MAB, maybe smaller I think..


Corn razors are pretty small but I don't know if anyone has tried shaving with one of them?

I haven't successfully honed my MAB yet so don't know what the experience of shaving with a smaller razor is.