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Coti ID Help


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HI everyone,
I was hoping that someone might be able to help me ID this stone. It looks very unusual and was hoping that someone might be able to shed some light on it. I can get more photos if needed but might take a day or two for them to send it to me. It has a schist/slate bottom. The pattern is very cool and reminds me of wood grain or tiger stripes :)

Thanks in advance for any info that can be provided. :thumbup:

With my Thanks



Hi Stew,

That's a stone from the La Dressante layer. Beautiful pattern. These patterned La Dressantes are usually on the slower side of the Coticule spectrum, and very smooth finishers.

Please take a look at n°39 in the Vault. If you look at the large picture, you can see small red lines at the side. They don't run all the way to the surface, but when that Coticules wears to that level over a few decades, it will likely start to show a very similar pattern as the one you're showing in this thread. I would take the data sheet of n°39 as a starting point, but La Dressante is one of the most variable layers, so it could turn out significantly different.
There's also a thread where I elaborate about n°39:

Kind regards,
Thanks Bart!

I read the article you directed me to on vault #39 with great interest. It never ceases to amaze me at how varied and beautiful these stones can be aside from their normal use. Even so, within a small area of stone such great variances can be exhibited! I will attempt this weekend to obtain more info on the capabilities and nuances of the stone and relate it back to the group. Its almost like they are a surprise, peel back a layer of top and you have yet another pattern to look at for another several decades.

My Thanks Again Bart.