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Coticule #10


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What can I say??
It is the most beautiful looking stone! 480,000,000 yrs old. its an incredible piece of natural beauty.
But its not an ornament now is it, so here's how the relationship we have is going.

First off I am no expert honer, 1 thing that attracted me was Sir Bart stating it was a very good stone for a novice, now novice is a bit strong but as said I don't have years of experience and I figure if I can get good CONSTANT results, anyone can.

And I can! I have honed 3 razors numerous times with it and everyone shaves well, I have stuck to unicot for ease and speed, on slurry it cuts well, very smooth, as the slurry thickens the feedback is ace, good feel nice sound and plenty of greying to let me know we are doing the right thing, on a lighter slurry there is of course less feel and feed back and water only gives a surface that the Razor glides across, after about 50 strokes this thing start to slurry on its own! a very very feint milky slurry but its there! TPT very sticky toffee, HHT I can hit it straight off the stone every time. not always a #5 straight pop, but always always at least a 3 on Sir Barts scale.

I have just honed my vintage Joseph Rodgers and Sons, it was pretty beat up and I had to totally rework the edge after sanding and polishing the blade, first I applied 3 layers of tape (its a very very near wedge) and I used a diamond hone to shape the bevel until it passed TNT (just a very cheap one, set of 3 for £6), then it was time to start on the unicot method with #10, 30-40 half strokes using a fairly thick slurry and a rolling X stroke because its a smiler, I do this with a very rapid motion, I had to refresh the slurry a few times with a little water and a quick rub of the (supplied) slurry stone, I think it took about 20 goes before it shaved arm hair down its entire length, then another layer of tape for the secondary bevel, refreshed the slurry and did 30 strokes twice, rinsed stone and blade then on to water only for 50 strokes.
60 strokes on linen and 60 on leather and the job was done in about an hour tops.
The result. I shaved with it this morning, and was totally unprepared for the shave I got! 1st pass wtg, "this f@ckers doing nothing" I thought as it felt soo smooth, but it was of course, 2nd pass xtg Mmm still absolutely smooth very very nearly felt as if it was just wiping lather, 3rd pass agt, a little more feel but still a very very light feel, last pass, which for me is a diagonal on the neck under my jawline, and still so very smooth, I thought I must be doing something wrong? I never had such a light shave. rinse off and have a good feel about on my face, BBS! ok so not 100% in my under the jaw trouble spots, but as smooth as I have ever felt! NO rash. NO burn, NO nicks... Perfect!

So thats me, 1 hone, 1 strop, and 1 very old Razor, nothing special in the beard prep, used a cheap soap I never tried before, morning shave with puffy face etc etc.

THE BEST SHAVE I HAVE EVER HAD! without question. and to quote a friend of mine the stone and strop left the Razors edge "WITH NOTHING TO BE DESIRED, NOTHING."

Now perhaps its the blade? my first wedge. (Bart, I tried to straighten the bent Joseph smith+sons..snapped it clean in half!)but I know its not.its a wonderful stone, no make that incredible. and having just enough confidence and experience and guidance (Thank you Sir Bart) to use it properly, that worked so well.

Right now I could shed every other Razor and sharpening device I own, and know that I have a lifetime of very very good shaves ahead of me.

Awesome, I am like a dog with 2 tails...... Happy happy happy.:thumbup:
No pics?! I need to see a picture of this stone next to a razor for perspective. It's a large hone isn't it?
Good point Justin
It is a nice size


tat2Ralfy said:
Right now I could shed every other Razor and sharpening device I own, and know that I have a lifetime of very very good shaves ahead of me.

:thumbup: Nice Coticule, and razor. I'll have to try out a wedge sometime.
Another great write-up, Ralfy. I enjoyed reading it so much.

One little question. Why did you need to "refresh" the slurry? Even when completely black, slurry still cuts well on most stones, certainly on the ones that release fresh garnets into the mixture at a constant rate.
The Unicot description says to refresh the slurry at step 4, because I had to account for every imaginable Coticule, but in practice, I personally hardly ever refresh the slurry.
Just wondering.:)

Thank You Sir Bart, I am very glad you enjoyed my rambling.
How is the hand? and I hope above all your spirit is good?

Refresh the slurry, well maybe refresh is a little strong, what I find is that it dries out, the slurry gets thicker and thicker and then becomes what I think is too thick to use, so I add a few drops of water, but my mind says "Hey this is not Dilocute" so I mix the just added clear water with the existing thick dark slurry using my slurry stone, I only work it gently but there is for sure some fresh slurry being raised, so I guess that's why I used the term "Refresh" hope this all makes sense?

I am just about to try my hand at honing my Gotta 120, which is appently a quite desirable Razor? so I will do it a little differently and see how it goes.