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If you are registered, you get access to the members only section, can participate in the buy & sell second hand forum and last but not least you can reserve your preferred username before someone else takes it.'s images now famous


Guest <- Looks like Bart's images are now famous. Congratulations.


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Now I know Bart is a modest kind of fellow... But it would be nice if he was credited for the article.


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The article is not mine. Our member Richmondesi asked permission to use my illustrations for the wiki of Badger&Blade.

Which I granted. For me the reward is in the fact that people might find them helpful.
I 'm neither interested in money nor in fame. I just asked Paul to place a link to where ever he feels that might be useful for the reader.

Kind regards,


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Thank you again, Bart. The wiki article is still a work in progress and I've not had a chance to really get it worked out well. There will be links by every .gif and a special recognition for your graciously accommodating the request. This website is really great, and your work has been very helpful for many! Thanks again:thumbup:

Edit: There is a link by some of the pics, but it's not spelled out. Like I said, there'll be a special recognition provided in the article... in fact, I will go do that now... Sorry about the delay, Bart. Also, there were two links already, but wasn't spelled out yet (as there was plans for an acknowledgement section).


richmondesi said:
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The technically sound way of doing that is to use the cite extension for Mediawiki. The recommended citation methods for Mediawikis are also laid out in great detail on Wikipedia's website. I have always considered it minimum courtesy to adhere to those for the articles in our Wiki. That said, however, I feel utterly disinclined to offer any further help after
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. But that is neither here nor there.

Incidentally, I really like the idea of a pool for specialised knowledge like, as I think it is the best, and most efficient, way of gathering knowledge on one subject. I still find the idea of attempting to copy SRP's Wiki elsewhere rather idiosyncratic. Or, maybe, "fitting".


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Cool. :thumbup: Those are some very useful images. I hope it helps people better understand some of this stuff.


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BeBerlin said:
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I'm not real sure what this means. There was something that I was not sure of, but have since verified. B&B had the first ever wetshaving specific wiki of any kind. However, I'm personally of the opinion that those are subjects for another time and place... I just hate to see the interboard friction, though. They are 2 of my 3( being the 3rd:thumbup: ) favorite websites of any kind...


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Interboard friction is normal, and if you want to see examples of it, try some 'survivalist' boards..they offer stunning examples of ego-driven opinion mongers claiming expertise not supported by evidence.

Ya'll ain't even half sensitive compared to some folks..

I'm a bit startled at how welcoming you've been to a novice, in fact. Where's the snarky cold shoulder any amateur expects? Don't you have any standards at ALL? ;)