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Coticule ID and Value


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I'm considering selling a coticule I've had for a while. I used to know what type it was, but have forgotten. It is bbw/ coticule. It is a 6x2.

Can someone please help me determine a fair value for this, as I am considering selling it? Also, the type it is so I can correctly describe it?

Sorry I can't figure out how to post photos, so you'll have to follow the links. Thank you!

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That does sound right, seems I heard that term before about it. Been so long.

Now to determine the price....


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Sell it for as cheap as you can afford to some kind soul and make the world a better place?


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Hi Rick,

Here is the Ardennes' standard page:
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If I am looking at a stone to buy, or thinking of selling one, I check their prices and work up or down from there. Their stones are usually approx. 12-15 mm of coticule. I don't know if they are charging extra for combination stones, but I tend to take that into account. And what shipping or toll might be.

Your stone looks very nice, but is the BBW usable? Is the layer popular, or not currently being mined? Do you want to sell to a market skeptical of ordering online, or from overseas? Does it have a particularly desirable quality in performance? Is it prettier than other coticules? These are just some things that would run through my head and help me decide on a price (as buyer or seller).



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Is that a Coticule mined by Ardennes, or a stone that was mined long time ago by an undisclosed company?

Torolf's advice is perfect. :thumbup:

Good luck with the sale,