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Coticule identification, please?


Active Member
Dear sirs,

I recently purchased this natural, combination, coticule slab and was hoping you gentlemen could aid in identifying it? I got it for a dear friend of mine and was hoping i might be able to give him some indication as to its type.

I've not honed on it at all, at this point...i have only cleaned and lapped it, so ive no speed or finishing information to provide as yet.

In hand, visually, there are blue spots on the top of the yellow side. Side views show lines of yellow in the bbw and lines of blue in the yellow. To me its a very interesting looking coticule and i'm certain my friend will love it.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Best regards,




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Dear Bart,

After reading a number of threads, ive learned that vintage stones can't really be identified...essentially, you identify layers based on currently quarried stones? This is an older stone, though im not sure how old.

I have been reading about coticules, in earnest for the last couple weeks and i really am amazed at the amount of information out there. I think its probably the most documented honing stone today.




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There's absolutely no need to apologize. But you are correct. Without the certainty that the stone comes from the Ol'Preu deposit, it could easily be an unknown layer from an other mining site, that only looks like a La Veinette.

Kind regards,