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Coticule Layer Chart


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Hey Bart, I think I have hit mostly everything in the site that is of importance, however, there is one thing that I really wish was well documented - The various coticule layers! Don't get me wrong, if I wanted info on a layer I could dig up a post easily, but it is hard for a coticule noob to do that and compare/contrast the various aspects of different layers.

If you wanted to make a special page for the different layers that would be a great idea. Here are some ideas I have about how it might read.

I would make a table or a chart with each type of layer. I would then make rows or columns that say things like color, usual thickness, slurry color, speed on water, speed on slurry, dulling effect of slurry, etc...

I assume there is a wide variance of performance with some layers. If that is the case, I would just make a chart that has the visual aspects such as the oxidation on some, green color on la vertes, veinette's veins, les latnueses weird patterns/hybrid side etc....

I think this is a good idea ( although I'll probably be proven wrong :lol: ). It would help me learn a lot and also beginners who know little about layers and think "a coticule is a coticule".

Tell me what youu think,
That's a good suggestion. I believe to have gathered enough data to draw up a useful (yet incomplete) map.
Allow me some time to work something out.

Kind regards,
I like this idea a lot. There are a lot of "identify this coticule" threads popping up lately, and it would prove very useful to have such a resource.

Nice suggestion, Caleb :thumbup: