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Coticule no. 39


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Hey all,

Sorry for the late delay, as this beautiful coticule arrived a couple of weeks ago. I've just been busy.

First of all, it is simply a GORGEOUS stone. I know I was in for a treat after reading Bart's description of it and seeing the picture, but it didn't prepare me for its stunning looks. The surface patterning is really neat, unlike any other coticule I've seen (at least in person). It's very stripey, and has sort of a sandy look to it in places. And as Bart described, there's sort of a 45 degree angle line pattern in the surface. Also, there are magnificent red streaks along the side of the hone, an indication that there is plenty of stunning pattern below the surface.

I haven't had a chance to test out this stone too much, but I have used it on a couple of razors that were already shave-ready, or close to shave-ready. The draw on this stone is definitely a lot more than I'm used to on a coticule (not saying that's a bad thing!). I've honed on a coticule that felt almost like glass, where there's no perceivable draw, a few that are kind of buttery feeling (by which I mean a slight draw, but's hard to explain!), and ones in between, but this was different. Although it has a very noticeable draw, it still felt very smooth, it just gave me the sensation that I could actually feel the surface patterning as I passed the blade over it. Truly remarkable. :thumbup:

It definitely has a sort of auto-slurrying affect, but it doesn't really seem to make this hone fast as it might have you believe. Indeed, I recall Bart mentioning this in his initial assessment of this hone, i.e. that although it is a softer stone and auto-slurries, it is not a fast stone. I took note to rinse it often so the slurry wouldn't interfere with the final edge. I also tried to hone under a constant stream of water. It's probably because of the height of my sink, but I found this to be pretty awkward. It seemed to work just fine rinsing the hone off every 10-20 strokes, no perceivable slurry built up during that period. But I did find that after 20 or so strokes, although I couldn't see any slurry or any discolouration of the water, the feedback on the hone was a bit different. As I did more and more strokes, it indeed seemed to feel a bit grittier, even before there was any noticeable discolouration of the water. Perhaps this was my imagination, but it probably had to do with a small amount of slurry on the surface. :)

To be perfectly honest, I couldn't really tell the difference between the finished edge off of this stone as opposed to my other coticules. It did feel smooth and didn't leave irritation, so I suppose it's one of the more "skin friendly" coticules. But hey, that really doesn't tell you that much, aren't all coticule edges pretty skin friendly??

All in all, it's a great little stone. It's a really convenient size and perfect (in my opinion) for a portable touch up hone if you chose to travel with a razor. I'm sorry I couldn't add more details about the honing quality of this stone, but as I said I haven't had too much time to play around with it. I think I've spent more time just looking at it then I have actually using it!


Perhaps a sexy picture of the coticule will pique your interest? :lol:

This is a scan of the surface from my printer. Despite the sandy rough look (present more on the right half), this is not at all rough and that surface is not the result of lapping. Indeed it is very smooth, it just has a very cool looking surface pattern. Also look at the red patches.

One thing that I like about it is that there is kind of a tiger stripe pattern, perpendicular to the length of the hone, down the entire stone. But, there is also 45 degree angle secondary line pattern giving it that sandy look.

Anyways, just thought I would share!
Thats wonderful :)
your right it is a beautiful stone,I cannot wait to hear how it performs

best regards
Ralfson (Dr)
i have a la dressante au blue not sure if its from same layer? mine has a distinct sound as honing a draw but quite noticable , as if like you say the blade is catching the pattern. i find my slurry seems to dry out quiker as i'm honing on this hone . unless it's just the warmer wheather we have had in england not sure. i still have to work this hone out . i have had nice edges of this hone but also some that just not made the grade not far of. i have honed every razor i own on my burton plus la grosse jaune (dilucot) the edges are the smoothest any one could ever want, the edges are super soft and there is no feel of the edge and after the shave my face feels untouched, thats how i like it . i did hone my prima klang up on my la dressante au blue. the shave was exallant felt slightly differant but it will be a change ,so that razor is staying as it is.I can gladly say all my razors i own are coti edges all i need to do is touch them up on my la grosse. so that what i will do when needed or i may just give them a thew laps now and then. i did one little experiment on my livi i added 10 laps of cro.ox to a smooth coti edge . i compared the shave with crox and with out . i can onestly say there was no differance what so ever , so crox did not improve my la grosse jaun was not any harsher just the same .
Thanks for posting, Dave.

Glad you can confirm my assessment of that hone.
It's just impossible to photograph or scan the beauty of that Coticule. I found it very "3D", as if the surface is translucent and both patterns are on different layers. Something that doesn't show in the Vault pictures or your scan.

I also was able to feel the pattern in the feedback, provided by the stone. Probably the perpendicular pattern offers slight differences in draw. It's a jewel, for sure.

I think this stone can rival Gary's La Grosse Jaune for finishing, the we're talking about differences so minor that you probably need to find a way to use it with a constant flow of fresh water (a disadvantage, that Gary's hone doesn't have). In a way of speaking, rinsing it very often will deliver 99% of what it can do, but if you want to experience that 1% I really think you need to put this one under water. Maybe honing on a good lather will make the difference too, on this particular Coticule. I regret that I didn't think of that at the time I was testing it, because I would have surely given it a try.

There are some Coticules in the Vault, that I will remember for the rest of my life, as if I used them yesterday. This one is one of them. So's Gary's La Grosse Jaune.

Kind regards,
Thanks for the kind words all! It is indeed a very neat stone and I'm pleased to hear that it left such an impression on you, Bart!

It does look very sexy sitting on my bookcase. I can see it every time I walk into my room looking back at me, as if saying "yeah, I know you think I'm sexy." :lol: :lol: