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Coticule Number 23 Came Home Today


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I've already honed 3 razors, and I'm loving this little guy so far. I had a big wedgie Sheffield blade with a smile that was giving me fits. In no time, I had that little buddy looking great. The test shave (dry ATG on neck and cheeks) was lovely. I can hardly wait to shave with all the edges. I'm very pleased with this purchase so far.

I could hardly believe how fast the slurry turned dark, and how fast it went from not cutting to popping hairs. This stone is tiny too. Perfect for my smiling edges and warped blades. Color me happy:thumbup:


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Thats a nice looking combo. my nu 3 is very fast and i could'nt believe how fast a coti could cut with slurry untill i got mine. I have taken a very small chip out of a razor i love the fast cutters my slurry turns bluey black my other coti is slower and i can realy see the differance in speed wwith slurry.


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As well as this seems to be going, I am strongly considering getting another bigger one too. This could get expensive:love:


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Aah. The sweet virtues of a La Petite Blanche. How could one have any other sentiment but loving such a hone?B)
Thanks for keeping us posted, Paul.

Merry Christmas,