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Coticules and overhoning


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I'm still enjoying exploring the capabilities of my coticule.
Today's razor, a Weyersberg Corneta was taken from being dulled on glass up to shave ready using the dilucot method. I think it was my first attempt. Today before the shave, I gave it 3 sets of half strokes, 30 laps each, and 50 laps of X strokes on fresh water. The HHT with one of my very thin head hairs, .002 inch was only fair, so I gave it another 30 half strokes and 40 X strokes on plain water. Stropped 60 Linen/60 Leather with an SRD P1. It popped my wife's hair, which it a bit finer that mine at .0017 inch. The slightest puff of air would blow the hair off the edge, but it still popped fairly reliably. Today's shave was great! I do many passes with zero irritation.

So, can I continue to finish hone on water only by doing 1 set of 30 half strokes and 40 X strokes on plain water only, strop 60/60 before each shave and see where it takes me, or is there a danger of creating a wire edge even on plain water?

Will I know when I've taken it as far as I can go?


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As said Bill, you can not overhone on a Coticule, you can reach the maximum that you and the stone are capable of at that time, after that you are just wasting steel and garnets.

Sorry for the delay btw, and always remember that after working on a Coticule, the edge will show significant improvement if you strop 60/60 cloth and leather, most hones dont work this way, but for coticules it make a noticeable difference.

Best wishes
Ralfson (Dr)


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I have on occasion probably done more laps on a Coticule with water than anyone would sensible do. Many 100's, perhaps even over 1000. Other than waisting time and perhaps the smallest amount of steel, I haven't noticed any ill effects.

It sounds to me as if you have reached a very good edge with your first dilucot. :thumbup:

Kind regards,