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A brand whose DE's are not found too often. For a while there was someone in Germany selling a whole bunch of noS straights though.
Made by Ernst Linhorst Rasiermesser- und Rasierklingen-Fabrik, Solingen-Wald.
First an interesting Pushbutton Razor. This DE you don't twist or screw, you push a button on the bottom of the handle and then the topcap releases. I own this same model branded Busch-Weltmeister, and over at
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there's someone with a Cutlerix branded one.
DSC07630.JPG DSC07631.JPG DSC07632.JPG DSC07633.JPG DSC07634.JPG DSC07636.JPG DSC07637.JPG


Absurd hero
Linhorst also made a Cowboy Slant. Twisted the other way around from Merkur, also left lower than right, like the Ibsen-type slants, this razor has one of the most beautiful handles I've seen. Shaves pretty well as well.
DSC07638.JPG DSC07639.JPG DSC07640.JPG DSC07641.JPG DSC07642.JPG DSC07643.JPG DSC07644.JPG DSC07645.JPG


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Strange name for a German razor. Did they have cowboys in Germany?

Beautiful razors though.