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CrOx polish


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I was wandering here and there and on I saw a section saying Restoration and Honing Technics, so I took an interested peek.

What an impressive source of knowledge... rotfl.

Okay, actually there's one useful thing, in the sliding top, over the menu - felt with CrOx for polishing. That seems like a fine idea - you could clean and polish some pits this way without sanding the whole surface, right?

The short answer is… Yes, it will work just fine for polishing shallow pits without sanding the whole blade.

The long answer will require it own thread... And and because I have strong objections to many of the current methodologies of restoring razors... I may require a flak jacket :mad: .
hhhmmm... I've loaded a dremel felt wheel with Crox..... To good effect.

Maybe you best let us in on some of your secrets, Smythe.:)
I've used CrOx as well but what I used was a hard paste made by Mastro Livi. It worked well for spot removal, water stains etc.
I have trouble sometimes finding felt wheels, and they are stupid expensive. A little trick I learned working on fine tuning fishing reels is to use a bamboo skewer cut with side cutters to length. Put the stick in a chuck type high speed rotary tool (I have a Fordham) that you can tighten down with a key, and then just hold the spinning stick very lightly touching a cotton ball and you can make almost any size spinning pad--similar to a q-tip, but much stronger. Add your favorite abrasive and you're on.
That's a really good idea, looks like this lets you work on real details!

Thank you for this nice tip, my friend.