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CrOx Slurry


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I've seen a few posts here and there...

Is it good only for the BBW stone and not yellow cot?

What are the advantages?

Could you post some "instructions" on how to do this method?

I assume you are taking a razor, bevel set already. Is is shaving arm hair, passing HHT?
You can put abrasives, such as CrO, diamond paste or spray, etcetera on any flat non-porous surface and hone on it. BBW's and Coticules are non-porous, hence they qualify, but so does a piece of glass.

I've tried it a few times on a BBW, with very good results. I presume, you've seen a video I'm made that shows me using CrO on a BBW.

I've only done it a few times, because it's a wasteful method, and I don't need it to get excellent results.
You can play around with it, but quite frankly, I would reserve it for experimentation once you've got the basics mastered.
It will not make up for any human inconsistency in your honing.

As far some tips: CrO works only for the finishing stage of honing. I wetter the BBW with some water, dipped the brush in dry CrO powder and "painted" it on the stone. Extra water needs to be add, if the honing paint appears to thick. I just kept going till the razor popped hanging hairs.

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As said from me ^^^^
especially wasteful method IMHO also, and as said It will not make up for any human inconsistency in your honing.

What I still use now and then and find works very very well is a small balsa strop loaded with Crox, as sold by the good Sir Ray, it leaves the edge scary sharp, providing its properly honed of course, and I always always finish with 30 light laps on a coticule with water, that way I get a wicked sharp edge thats also soft and forgiving.

Please understand though, it is very important to realise the finished edge is IMHO no better than a properly coticule honed edge, I can get results as good off the coticule alone, and always aim to do so

Hope this helps
Ralfson (Dr)
Yes, I saw the video and read some advantages so wanted to know how it was done. I don't plan to do it until I get other things down first. But, good to have other keys to the lock; just in case...for future reference.


As far as being wasteful, I can see that. But, CrOx is cheap enough, I suppose. At least enough to try it. Maybe.

I've tried the balsa and honestly I didn't like the feel of steel on Balsa. So, instead I took a piece of leather and mounted it to a piece of marble. Seems to work well, but at the end of the day a pasted strop is preferred to me.