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Cured at last


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since moving house in february I have had 1 razor (an old wedge). a small coticule, 1 brush, proraso at my disposable.

All razor addictions are cured, I have gotten along just fine. I have actually learnt to maintain a razor and what more Shave properly.

I finally got my box of kit out of storage today and only had a few weak moments

Good the wife has gone out of the room , I am back with all my stuff rearing to go!!!!
Good to hear from you, Tim.

And great to hear that you are shaving happily with a minimal setup. Personally, I find that one of the most rewarding parts of traditional wet-shaving. The ability to get perfection with only bare essentials.:)

Kind regards,
very good to hear from you Tim :thumbup:
I think the best thing to do with the box is to send it to me hahaha

Best wishes
I'm experiencing much the same thing, Tim. I'm moving, and have been greatly pleased to discover that I enjoy the minimalist lifestyle.

I guess we've all heard the roumors that one razor will actually do. And if we weren't so addicted to honing those darn things and scoring them on ebay and fleamarkets we might even prove to ourselves that the rumour is true - just like you did. IF .... ;)

Anyway, I'd be more than glad to step in if your surplus razors become too much of a burden to you :rolleyes: