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DA in bubinga & wenge


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This is a prototype of an attempt to dress one of Sir Barts DA`s.

Scales : Bubinga. Oiled in linen seed oil. Will most likely CA the next set instead.
Wedge : Wenge. Not shown here due to problems with uploading a rotated picture.
Inlay : Wenge. This is my first attempt at making inlays.

It does have some issues but, like I said; it`s a prototype. Will keep it and use it as is though ;-)



Thanks for looking. Advice and critic are most welcome.

I love it!

The inlay work is stylish and stunning. You usually see it done with more contrasting woods, but I like it much better in your subdued version. A more contrast-rich version would have only competed with those luscious washers.

What were the issues? Centering the blade, I presume? There are workarounds, yet I didn't chime in on the other thread, because I figured we have guys with more experience that can explain it much better than I.

Would love to see more details of this one.

Yeah...the problem was fitting the blade. Though all was checked and doubled checked, the blade just wouldnt stop hitting the left side of the scales. So finaly it was taken apart and then the problem was obvious : The DA was completely out of wack and by no means straight. So fitted my second DA and the problem was solved :thumbup: Now I come to think of it...the blade also hit the original scales but I assumed it was due to a poor fitting or flimsy scales.

Tanks Sir Bart...still need a bit of work on it though.
Will most likely CA the next set instead

This one was oiled because :

It`s easier.
It gives the oppurtunity to feel the wood.
I hate the process of CA`ing
And also..I`m not very good at it;)

But CA does give the wood a million dollar guess some practise is ahead.

Shit Torbs forgive me, I really really meant to tell you how lovely this razor looks
Good work my friend, and I love the wedge :thumbup: :thumbup:
Shit Torbs forgive me

Hehe Ralfy....I sure dont expect you to comment everything happening in here:rolleyes:

Thanks buddy and absolutely nothing to forgive:thumbup: