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Damaged Coticule



I'm a student that has been shaving with an open blade for about a year or 2 now.
I learned only recently about the coticule and it looks like my father has been using a sharpening stone that certainly looks like one to my untrained eye. Could someone confirm that this is the case? I've attached an image below.


It looks badly damaged, a lot of pits and scratches. My dad has been using it to sharpen chisels and the like, rather than razors and knifes.

Is there anything I can do to put it back into shape? Is that even necessary?
I'm eager to try my hand at sharpening one of my least favorite blades :p

If I can add a third question: lacking a slurry stone, is there an alternative?


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Yup, you've got yourself a coticule!
Putting it back in shape:
take a flat surface like a glass plate and use sand paper (low grid until about 800) and sand away.
Yves, where are you from in Belgium, I might be able to help you with a slurry stone.


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Welcome from me too Yves, it is an easy repair as Wim has said, I use a small diamond plate for mine, about 400 grit, and work it under a slow running tap, but wet and dry type sandpaper works just as well, if you first soak the paper until it curls up, then place it paper side down on a flat surface, counter tops work well, ensure it is kept wet and work the stone over it, adding water as needed.



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Don't lap away too much. If the stone is flat, it does not matter that there are a couple of lengthwise scratches in the surface. Crosswise scratches must be removed, because the edge of the razor can get caught by those.

Best regards,


Thank you for the advice :) I'll get right on it.

PS. I'm from around Brussels and currently live there.


Bart said:
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Bart, wasn't there some kind of editorial from you on fixing strops and stones here on this site? I've searched around and couldn't find it. :confused: ...

With regard to crosswise scratches: I have acquired a chunk of coticule (> 1kg :w00t: heavy) where one side has some fine hairline cracks which I've filled with CA (superglue) and then sanded off. I can't feel the cracks anymore with my finger(nail) but while honing I feel what I can closest describe as a slight "change in friction" when passing over the cracks. I guess it is OK to use for razors - what do you think? Or should it stay in my kitchen?



I like to use diamond sharpening plates for flatening a stone.
It´s realy good. And not expansive if you buy some China made, in Ebay.


Working on it :)
Sharp enough for arm hair, but fails the HHT. The hair 'jumps' on the blade.

Did you re-slurry sometimes on this stone?


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If you're cutting armhair but the shave isn't good try using a lighter slurry and pressured halfstrokes and work from there. You shouldn't need to use the same slurry thickness as you started, it may take the edge back.
Once you start getting better HHT results use just water with pressure.


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When we talk about "shaving arm hair" we mean "shaving arm hair really well". As if you think that you could shave off it. It's a fairly slow stone on slurry, so I would probably re-apply slurry and repeat the procedure (I assume you're trying dilucot) ? I that doesn't work apply a layer of electrician's tape and try unicot. If thát doesn't help, I'll drop by during lunch hour ;)
Don't forget to strop really well (first on canvas or a substitute, then on leather, before you try the HHT).
Normally the procedure says about 60 canvas/60 leather, with your small loom strop I would do more.



After still failing dilucot a few times I caved and just finished with a taped back.
It still fails the HHT, but after trying it out and I can safely say it's the most comfortable shave I've ever had with a straight razor :) It's shaving really close without any scraping or pulling.
Some more practice and I'll pop that hair!