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Darwin - Drake's Bay Rum


Absurd hero
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The Darwin brand has been given a reboot in France, and several nice offerings of the brand are for sale. One of these: the Drake's Bay Rum.
Now one of the things I like about Darwin is the vintage, Victorian, Baroque, piraty air they give their products. Examplified here by the use of Drake, called a pirate by the Spanish, hero by the English, like the Dutch Piet Hein.
Drake's Bay Rum is available as soap in a coconut bowl, as a soap refill, and as aftershave. I got me a pre-order soap in coconutbowl, my first Bay rum scented soap.
The soap is made in collaboration with Le Pere Lucien, and uses duck fat. That, too, was a first for me.
The scent of the soap is a bit subdued, those expecting a scentbomb will be disappointed, but to me the level is just right. Slightly smokey, a presence of bayleaf over a spicy yet fresh base, lovely. Instant favorite. As my scent descriptions are often somewhat lacking, this is what Darwin themselves have to say about it:
Scent is composed only of natural essential oils and real amber rum (10%):

- St Thomas berry and bay laurel : two similar fruits that are reminiscent of laurel, but that soften it.
- Citron: native to India, it brings a woody and fruity note at the same time. It is a citrus fruit similar to lemon, which scent is reminiscent of cedar.
- Frankincense: a woody, fairly mineral scent with a slightly spicy aspect.
- Amber rum: warm, sweet, spicy.
- Ambergris: powdery, warm, it helps binding the different notes together.
- Cade wood: smoky and woody.
Now we see immediately: natural essential oils, frankincense, ambergris, not the cheapest of ingredients and indeed, not a cheap soap. Mine was the extra expensive version, in a coconut bowl in a nice pouch, looks stunning.
Shaving with it ... This soap lathers like a dream! Loads easily, makes a beautiful fatty smooth lather, just like I want it. Rinses easily from the razor, and gives the best postshave feel I've ever experienced from a soap. Honestly. The skin feels soft, supple, not fat or dry, just perfect. This is absolutely my best performing soap, and it smells good, too!
Very original to wrap a Bay Rum soap in a coconut.
Now I have to say that Darwin's packaging is always quite special.