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Gentlemen, ladies too,

I'd like to introduce you to my Darwin Single Edge razor. A model not that often seen model and when you see they can be pricey. I was lucky with this one, in that it was at least an advantageous "Buy! Now!" offer, back in 2015.
The Darwin was seen as a luxury counterpart to the Rolls. Judge for yourself:

There's a shiny box in a nice box. And a holder for an extra blade. This holder doesn't contain that. On pictures I did see that in the empty space there should be a stick of CrOx grease. Mine had it smeared over the inside, which meant a lot of cleaning work.

Button to open, and a detailed manual.

From left to right: the handle for stropping, the handle of the razorr, the head of the razor, the stropping mechanism and on the right, against the flap, the bladeholder containing the blade.

Pulled out. The strop clearly visible. Bottom right, not quite sharp in the picture, a little lever to unlock the strop. It has a coarse and fine side and can be removed to turn. The stropping mechanism can be turned to make it easier to place the blade.

Everything's different. Including a screwdriver.
Now let's shave. At least do the steps necessary for that.

First you screw the handle into the blade. Otherwise it is quite difficult to get it out of the holder. Moreover, this reduces the chance to cut yourself.
Grip with blade also makes it possible to sharpen the blade.

Slide the blade into the stroppingmechanism and unscrew the handle. Tilt the mechanism straight again and pull and push the holder to strop. As with the Rolls, the blade flips over when turning, but marginally less loud.

Screw the handle back into the blade, remove it from the stroppingmechanism and slide it into the shaving head. Unscrew the handle and screw it into the bottom of the shaver head. Voilá: a Rolls with comb.

There's a screw in the blade. Here you can screw to make the blade-gap less or more, and thus influence the aggression. This is done with the screwdriver shown above.
After shaving, first put the screw back into the "idle position". As long as it is only slightly screwed out in order to deliver more aggression, it will no longer fit in the blade-gap and no longer in the blade-holder. Then all the above steps to put the thing back in storage. Then the next morning to repeat that whole ritual of moving the thing screwed loose screwed loose screwed loose screwed loose screwed loose screwed loose screwed loose screwed loose screwed loose screwed loose screwed loose screwed loose screwed loose screwed loose screwed loose screwed loose screwed loose screwed loose screwed loose and so on and so on. You get, so to speak, a whole ritual for free.

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