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Dead Sea Shaving Soap

The King

Well-Known Member

Recently I discovered an for me unknown shaving soap brand from England: the Dead Sea Shave.
And as I've shown on the forum a couple of times, I think this shaving soap is more than fantastic and this applies to both the smell and the quality of the lather.

There was only some confusion in my mind about whether menthol was added to the shaving soap or not. On the Etsy site where these soaps are available it says that next to Spearmint and lavender there is also menthol in the shaving soap. However, menthol is not mentioned on the table of contents on the shavingsoap can.

This morning, after not applying menthol soap for a few days, I wrote the following in my shave of the day:

And now that I haven't used menthol soaps for about 5 days I notice the cooling this shavingsoap has in it.
Are these menthol crystals or is it the peppermint oil ?? That we have to investigate because this soap is also worth a review.”

In order to clarify this, I then contacted the soap maker and put this matter to him and his answer is shown below but it is clear that there are those delicious white cooling crystals in his shaving soap. :daumenhoch

Hello Hans,

I am glad you like my soaps thank you!

Yes the Maelstrom does contain menthol crystals, I am in the process of waiting for new labels to arrive that have the menthol crystals listed.

Hope that helps,

It cools light so absolutely no freezing shaving soap but just a lovely fresh tingle.

As promised, I will also write a review of this shaving soap in the not too distant future.;)

The King

Well-Known Member
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Look that I like to read a like-minded who also likes to greet menthol crystals in shaving soap.:daumenhoch

I've been lucky lately in my journey through uncharted soap-making land.

On my path are the next three fantastic soaps come Kepkinh, Dead Sea and Sweyn Forkbeard.

All three I find the above-average soaps with beautiful smells (although the SF is a bit decently scented) but with fantastic shaving properties.

Especially the Kepkinh has besides great shaving properties also great nurturing qualities

If you like menthol then the Kepkinh Frosty Lemon is highly recommended.

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And besides many disappointments, this kind of great shaving soap discoveries keeps the journey through shaving soap country a lot fun. :disco1