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Difference in Stone Coloring


Howdy all,

I was curious about color variations in the stones. I am looking at #2 and #9. Both from Le Grise. These have good evaluations and I'm sure they are excellent stones. My question is the lack of that yellow/pink coti color. The stones are grey. I'm assuming that garnet content and everything else is similar to the traditional yellow stones, it may just be a difference in depositional environment.

Any thoughts?


Good question.

If we look at the chemical composition of Coticules, they all contain the same minerals, but the ratios differ. The bluish grayness possible comes from a higher content of hematite (one of the Iron Oxides)

One of the things I have been hoping to find out with doing the Coticule assessments in the Vault, is whether the appearance of the hones can predict some of its capabilities.
So far, some layers (La Petite Blanche, La Veinette, La Nouvelle Veine) have shown to deliver hones with fairly consistent properties within the same layer. Other layers (La Dressante in particular) seems to offer a larger variance in honing properties. It also offers the widest variety of colors and patterning. I'm really not sure if the colors within that layer can give me a meaningful clue to predict anything about the hone in question. But for other layers, such as La Jaune and La Grise, the color is part of the typical appearance of those layers (although La Grise also delivers a less blueish grayness).

The "La Grise" Layer of n°2 and N°9 may not offer the most spectacular appearance, nor hones with lightning slurry speed or flabbergasting feedback.
But the final edges that can be obtained from them, are among the smoothest I ever shaved with. My own main Coticule workhorse is a "La Grise". :)

Thanks Bart,

O.K. I'm going to go for #9 then. And yes that is my final answer! Thank you for the feedback. I'm looking forward to hearing from the quarry tomorrow! BTW: Happy All Saints Day!