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Dilucot without a HHT?


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So I have been working on my Dilucot technique on my LPB. My brother has a Dovo Special that was not close to shave ready. He asked me to have a go at it. I established the bevel with a 1k shapton hone on glass. It shaved arm hairs off that and I proceeded to start the Dilucot. Now I never really count how many sets I perform. I had read that you should be passing HHT off the initial dilution phase. I have yet to do that. I just have a feel on this razor at least, and the slurry "tells me" that I need to start the half strokes on the wiped off hone. I do about 4 sets of half strokes with very light to no pressure. I then do about 100 x strokes on a water only hone with no pressure. Coming off that I can usually get a Violin - HHT 3. That is without stropping. Most of the times though it is a Violin. After the stropping im averaging a HHT 3 or a HHT 4.

My question more or less is a query as to why I am not passing HHT after the initial dilution stage with slurry. What is a reliable way to know that I need to wipe off the slurry and proceed to the next step of half strokes unless im passing some sort of test so to speak. Right now, I am going off of feel and judgement that the blade has had enough.

Your help with the matter would be greatly appreciated.


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I never pass the HHT after the dilution stage. At best, the edge would "violin", but I never check. My first HHT is at the same point as you, only difference is that I don't do 100 laps, but only about 30.

To judge when the dilution is done, I go mainly by the feel of the hone. If it feels the same as honing on plain water, it's done.

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I don't usually get HHT after dilution. I might get a loud violin but usually no HHT. Being pretty much bald, it's hard to find good testing hair so I always use the ones the gf leaves in her brush. She has pretty thin hair as well so when I can pass the HHT with her stuff then I know it should be good to go.


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Thank you very much for the replies. I suppose that is the nature of the coticule in that not only do you need to learn each different stone, but also the razor your honing with. I did feel that it was moving a bit more smooth through the slurry, which is why I felt it was time to wash the hone off.


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I hesitate to reply because I am even boring myself. I always get a pretty darn good HHT right off the dilution phase after six laps on my jeans or a strop. I admit, it is not necessary but I find it fascinating to see the edge refine through the stages and I never leave the dilution phase without at least catching and popping a clean,healthy very, very low "chest" hair. Even so, I can tell the edge is ready to move on by feel and if you can do that you have your answer.

You should try six laps after a full dilucot and see how fast the edge refines on linen/jeans to prove it to yourself, or like me, just go to your jeans after reaching the "almost water" stage of dilutions, IF you like this approach. It takes way less than ten seconds. I think I use more pressure than most people during the initial phases of honing particularly, so that may be why this works for me.


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I never use the HHT I just go by what the hair on my arm feels like when I shave it after finishing on water and I can tell how it will feel to my face...:sleep: