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i just honed two razoers with dilucot on coti nu 3. the result was a great hht. I just did a further 75 laps on water on my 21 and the hht is easily improved and poping the finest of hairs much easier. is this possible? I'm thinking my 21 is a finer finisher and giving me finer edge than nu 3. I ran loads of test and coti 21 is slower , but seems to give me a finer edge. It's just making me feel this hone is a finer grit to acheive this . What do you think.
I don't think it's that simple.

Your La Grosse Jaune (n°21) has a completely different draw than your n°3 (La Dressante, probably). Doing Diluctor, I often notice that the draw and feel of a Coticule influences how easy (or hard) it is to get those last bits of keenness, required to truly benefit from the smoothness all Coticules provide.
If you want to know the differences between your two hones, I suggest that you use them to put Unicot edges on 2 identical razors. You'll find that you can easily hit the same HHT level on both. There will be just a very small difference in shaving feel. A difference that, as I believe Paul has once put it, is so small that it takes a seasoned straight shaver as yourself to notice it.

That you have bigger difference with Dilucot, has everything to do with the fact you've grown accustomed to what it takes to dilute & finish on your La Grosse Jaune. You started to cut down on laps, because the La Grosse Jaune allows for it. You use the pressure your La Grosse Jaune likes, etcetera. That's all quite okay. After all, you own both Coticules, and bought the La Grosse Jaune to do exactly that.

But Coticules don't have a grit rating. And as far is I can tell, the resulting keenness that can be achieved of them lies within a very narrow margin.

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To be fair i did'nt shave of them so i could'nt compare the shaves. there was'nt a lot in it. once i 've finished doing my test and rehoned the true blue razors , i will try out on my das, cheers bart