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DIY strop


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Last week A friend came by with a piece of leather and asked me to help him making a new strop.
As I had already done this a few years back it was not a lot of work because I already had the tools etc.
The spots on the leather are oil marks which will probably disappear in the coming months.
I ended up making three new ones, the first three on the left of the photo. Number 4 is also a DIY strop from a few years back.

21D43B0E-A0A6-4005-A47A-500B3DE53941.jpeg CFBBE663-CA1E-43AB-B318-3E25DC7A4E96.jpeg 5664DA69-FCA2-4828-9D89-09F42B1B18DD.jpeg


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Does no one else here play with leather?

Anyway. Recently I got a frame for a padle strop as gift. After buiing some Calf-Leather, it went today to string it.

First pierced the hole for the handle and widened with 10mm wood drill. Then adjusted there and fixed with furniture staplers on the side. Now came the real work. Put the leather on tension and fasten it to the head side. I pulled with combination pliers like crazy and then quickly stapled it. Cut the leather overhang to the middle of the face-side and then the other side as well. Finally stapled a rest of buffalo leather glued over it. Tension is just right and I hope that remains so.

1620910332704.png 1620910349519.png