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dovo best quality


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Dovo best quality

cost me £36.50 plus vat. Total price £43.00

i just rehoned this razor on my L4 hybrid side.

The sahve was as good if not better than my £700 livi razor, no joking neither.

i can honestly say i hav'nt had a bad edge of this coticule. The new dilucot method as made a big differance. That being easier and quiker and being able to perform more laps in literaly seconds.

back to the razor. I seriously recomend any one looking for a new razor. get one these.
Best quality is dead right as the sahve is ultra smooth. i sahved atg and it was efortless.
Those Dovo Best razors have yet to disappoint me, Gary. I know that DOVO seems to be a controversial brand these days, but I have no hesitation recommending them as my experience with them has been excellent :thumbup:
garyhaywood said:
To say its a cheap razor. i carn't under stand why.

Maybe because it's the cheapest of their offerings? :confused:

I don't think there's much difference in the steel used across their models though
I have one of these, first new straight I bought and the first all coticule shave I had, thanks to sir Bart, it has never let me down, honestly this razor is top notch, I heard the blade steel was the same throughout the Dovo range, the extra money goes on fancy etching, gold wash, scales etc, just window dressing you know.
I keep mine together with my DA, as permanent honers, for practice and testing etc, mine survived the learning curve from me starting out, to where I am now, and it the hone wear is as much as you would see on razors many times as old, but its still takes a nice edge.
If I where looking to buy another reasonably priced good quality razor, I would go for a Dovo Best, I like mine a lot, so much in fact that I might have to give it a custom rescale, and maybe work the spine a bit too, just for giggles. :thumbup:

Ralfson (Dr)
Just for the record, every thing comes out of Solingen and is new comes from this drop forge: Time to stockpile 7/8 and larger razors from Solingen, as they will - according to substantiated rumour - not be produced for much longer, because the few remaining craftsmen are retiring shortly. :cry:
Cheers for posting that link - its pretty cool.

And for those of you who dont speak/read german (like myself), take a look at the website using the google chrome browser, it has an inbuilt translator that works extremely well.
garyhaywood said:
To say its a cheap razor. i carn't under stand why.

I think the reason that some might think these are "cheap" has to do with the weight of the blade itself. Having honed a number of them, I have noticed that some of these are actually quite lite compared to other razors of the same size.