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Dry honing


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Any of you guys found finishing with last final laps on coticule dry to be of any advantage.

I tryed it last night and i'm sure i was passing hht that bit bit better but i could'nt say for sure. It's the one thing i never compared . Some people say coti is even finer grit dry?


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Oh I love this…
Try this… Wet the stone and make some light slurry with the rubbing stone then allow the stone to dry.
When dry, rub the stone with your clean, dry hand to wipe away excess slurry (the dried slurry should be dust, so it's easy to wipe off... just don't use cloth of paper towel because it will leave lint on the surface of the hone that will interfere with honing, so use only your hand).
Then do 50 to 100 finish laps and try the HHT, or better yet, strop and test shave.

NOTE: The laps MUST be slow and very light, ONLY the weight of the blade. The Coticule can behave really funky when used dry, sometimes for some unknown reason the steel will "gall” or scrape the surface of the hone and the particles may cause chipping of the edge. This is why most do not recommend honing dry on a Coticule... but with practice it can be done.

Let me know how you make out.


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Oh that does sound funky and certainly gives me food for though on an experiment I have going with a hone thats not a yellow coticule (sssh!!) :thumbup:


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I've done this from time to time, with Coticules and Japanese Naturals. I came across a youtube video of a young guy sharpening knives. He recommended that you use stones dry. I disagree to some extent. I believe in honing, Oil or Water helps to float away the metal particles.

I do some dry stokes on fine finishing hones, (Coti's and J-nats) I don't do 50 or 100. More like 10-15. To each his own.


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I like dry honing as much as I like dry sexual intercourse.

That is just a personal preference, of course. I'm not saying it's wrong. I just don't know, to me it's too much "finger nails on a blackboard" to be prepared doing any real tests.:scared:


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:D :D :D

In all seriousness, I've quit using dry strokes as I can't tell if I'm making good contact that way--no feedback or wave to watch. Interestingly, the old barber manuals all say you should hone dry first, then use water. Not sure why. More aggressive, perhaps?