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Easing the draw


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Has anyone ever successfully lessened the draw on a piece of leather?

I've got a latigo strop that causes a razor to stick like glue! It's a nicely made strop, and some people enjoy lots of draw, but it's just not for me. I'm looking into options, such as another piece of leather with a bit less draw for the same maker, or another strop altogether from another maker. I know a certain amount of draw can be added to a strop, but what about subtracted?

BTW, I have another strop from a ubiquitous supplier... Nice draw, but the leather quality, and quality of construction in general, is not up to snuff. But, we get what we pay for... at least in most circumstances.


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That's a good question. I quickly just got rid of all my latigo for exactly that reason but everything I've every done to a strop has done something to increase the draw.... but I've never been able to lessen it. My Kanayama, now, with a couple months use on it, is becoming more slick than it was. i wonder if that isn't the key? Try stropping it with a softer piece of metal to develop that glazing thing they seem to get?
That's all I got....


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I use the Armorall leather protectant on a Bridle strop I have or some razors stick like they have molasses on them. I go sparingly and its only a temporary fix but it slickens it up for a few weeks


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Sometimes this is caused by a strop with too much oil?

Dissemble the leather component if possible so to get the leather flat on a table and place a few sheets of newspaper on top of it, then place some weight on it like a few heavy books for a few days... refresh the newspaper if necessary.

This will draw out excess oil and reduce the draw.


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I believe that you will find it difficult to lessen the draw on latigo as the fat treatment is dramatic with this type of leather. I can see how the Armorall would work temporarily, as would Ballistol, but the oils in the leather will wick through eventually.

You can try soap or lather, which I assume will take a number of rounds, probably with temporary effects until a good bit of the oil has been removed. Lighter fluid will accomplish the same, with less mess and drying time (solvents are routinely used as a carrier on leather and are very effective). Though I do not know what intensive treatments of naptha will do to the leather.



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All good tips, and thank you all.

I'm already in contact with Mr. Neil Miller for a possible long term solution. In the meantime, I've been rubbing the latigo with clean cotton cloths, and removing oils or wax every time. The draw hasn't budged yet, but I'll keep trying.
I don't know leather, but I'm afraid of solvents.

I'll try absorbant paper and stropping with a butter knife..

It's quite revealing just how much treatment is in this piece of leather!


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Do not try this at home:p

I have removed draw by using way too much mineral oil...
This is NOT a good solution and it took drastic measures to get the strop workable again


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I hope the draw on my newly acquired Kanayama 30k doesn't change! I absolutely love it as it is! Now if I could get my matching linen component from our Norwegian friend ;) heh


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I have the opposite problem on a Tiger Brand #976 Illinois strop. The strop was so dry it would powder on the surface when stropped. I have treated it several times with Lexol and now it is smooth with a light draw. I just have to disassemble it and treat the end so it will not crack under the bracket. These older strops have nice linen. My go to strop is an AME #400 Shell Hoarse Hide. I do have a Red Imp #700 that has a higher draw it also has a cloth strop treated with CROX that looks like it came treated from the factory. I have just received six strops from a retired barber they need cleaning and evaluation before I can do any thing with them.


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jfdupuis said:
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It will change and increase, Jean-Francois, but it is easily restored with the makers recommendation of a couple passes with a damp towel or wash cloth, and then letting it dry overnight. I have had this happen and so has Gary and it was easily corrected. Tu ami, Denis