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Elk Antlers Anyone ?


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Here is something a bit out of the ordinary, scales from Elk Antlers. This was a very interesting project indeed. The source of the scales comes from Flagstaff Arizona, about 50 miles from where I live. Antlers are bone and require different procedures to end up with a finished product, even more so when working with the raw material. The hardest part of this was the very precise grinding that had to be made to accommodate the washers. It is very important that the washers be perfectly flat when tightening the pins. The wedge is made from Iron Wood, that only grows in Tucson Arizona and northern Mexico. The complete razor has perfect balance and all I need to do now is finish the honing of the nearly 200 year old Clark & Hall blade.








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Wow... the scales fit the old girl... I am amusing they are the same shape as the originals.

Is it flexible? I ask because the first impression I got was that the scales are made of stone... but I do like the rough look and the "mossy" green coloring.:thumbup:


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I don't think that the elk antler would be flexible. Just guessing based upon my experience with it putting a handle on a knife. When cut as thin as a razor scale it might flex but I doubt it. We'll have to wait for Ray for the final answer.

Ray beautiful job on that razor! It truly looks like it was made that way originally.


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In answer to your questions about the flexibility of the scales the answer is yes. These scales actually do have a slight bow to them. Prior to mounting the blade I measured the distance between the pivot end, it was 9/16" open. That means the wedge does have a taper from about 1/8" to just a little less or about 3mm to 2.5mm. The bow was required for the blade to close properly because of the taper to the spine. During the fitting of the wedge, I use my stock wedges to measure for the correct size. I usually start with a wedge that is 3/16" and tapers down. Even at this thickness, the antler scales did bow.

So even though this is bone, there is still flexibility in the material that you can use for fitting properly. I have to tell you though, using this type of material should be avoided by those of you who do not have a lot of experience fitting a razor to the scales. This is very difficult material to work with a requires a tremendous amount of patience, especially if you are working from a raw antler.



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Beautiful as usual from you Sir Ray :thumbup:

BTW please excuse my ignorance but is antler bone? I thought it was more like hair as in claws and nails etc?

My warmest Regards


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Wonderful to see you here my Brother
I hope to see more of you and hope you enjoy your time spent with us :thumbup:

Please carry (Sorry Ray)

Best regards
Ralfson (Dr)


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Thank you Sir you know from my postings at WSW I purchased a Coticule a few days ago, and let me tell you that it is incredible...I have honed two razors doing just X strokes and I have got incredible edges...I am going to hone the Dovo next. I do use slurry and then plain water to polish the edge...the shaves are expectacular. HOG


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Hogrider said:
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I know :thumbup:
and the best thing is that the better you get at using it the better those shaves become, like 4 or 5 passes with your skin left feeling untouched!
My offer to hone for you still stands btw, or you could take advantage of our free honing service and send one to our Ray (The OP) he is stateside.

Wonderful to see you here again my friend