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Emil Hermes, Merkur-Werk Solingen (Hermes, Merkur, Mercurio)


Blade Whisperer
Mr. Hermes originally latinized his name in Merkur and since 1896 has been producing cutlery. The Merkur safey-razors are well known to all of us but there were also razors from Hermes in pre-Dovo times. Here a full hollow 7/8 Mercurio´

Some time has now passed since I received my Mercurio. Unfortunately the cracks at the scales have widened; the blade is just too heavy for such thin scales. However, thanks to the craftsmanship of friend Nightdiver the blade has now got new scales, which are a bit more stable and a logo that adorned some scales of old Emil Hermes razors. My Mercurion no longer needs to do without.