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Ernst Linhorst, Solingen-Wald (Cowboy, Cowboy-Extra, Cowboy-Luxus)


Blade Whisperer
As far as I know, the Ernst Linhorst company was registered as a cutlery manufacturer in Solingen in 1922 with the trademarks "Cowboy", "Cowboy-Extra" and "Cowboy-Luxus". But it is said that 1939 was the end of the production. But then chronologically all the cowboys that you can still find almost NOS today would not have come from Linhorst production.

In any case, my first cowboy can't be from that time (or was the Erl lasered at that time already ;). But I wouldn't know that the brand "Cowboy" was sold or registered elsewhere, which is certainly the case with "Schulze" and "Revisor" for example. I would rather place mine from production in the 70s-80s of the last century.

However, it is an excellent razor, 6/8" wide (according to the Solingen measuring method, i.e. almost 7/8" when placed on the line of our template) and full hollow with wall. The Razor can be sharpened very well and is very easy to handle due to its size. very gentle razor.


The second one is much older. A 5/8 full hollow marked 49. Also very easy to hone.


Razors that should not be missing in any saddle bag of the wide prairie... Yipiajeah..:cowboy1