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Eskilstuna frameback


Well-Known Member
Thought some of you guys would like to see this one...


Its obviously in need of more work, but I think it will be nice.
Put it on the kitchen scale and the weight is 33 grams!

regards gents
What a beautiful old girl! thank you for sharing my friend, I look forward to seeing her after her makeover :thumbup:

Best regards
Ralfson (Dr)
:thumbup: Yehh that was a lucky find.

Will have the blade polished but I wont mess around with the scales,as I`m affraid unpinning it would damage them.

Well I`m off to a 24 hour watch,will bring my coti and 2 straights :thumbup:

.. I will be honing tonight and get paid! bwahahahah.

regards gents