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Sell Eufros Balms (Withdrawn)

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Hi Fellow forum members,

As good as these balms might be there is a very small amount of menthol in them. And I hate menthol
Looking to sell in one package (normal price is €15 a piece, 9 tubes so I paid €135 + €34 shipping) selling for €98 shipping included. All have been used twice except the vetiver who was used a dozen times.

Description by Manuel from Jabonman/Eufros: the balms come in in 75ml airless, I tried to create a very good product, leads aloe vera, hyaluronic acid, provitamin B5, vitamin E, allantoin, bisabolol, lactic acid, glycerin and very light menthol. It absorbs quickly, leaves no fat and very little is sufficient, it is very slippery, immediately calms the skin

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Finally there's a fantastic ingredient in it - menthol - and then he gets rid of them! :augenroll1

A very attractive price Snuffie and that even includes shipping costs.
I know we are opposites, I hate menthol and you add it by the bucket to everything you use, where there is black there has to be white, we keep the universe in balance.