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Ever Ready


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Ever Ready should be known to all of us shaving folk, as they made some utterly fabulous Single Edge razors. More info will pop up later in this thread, I expect, or hope, actually, but just to pique your interest I'd like to show you my "New Chrome Strop Outfit". Comes with shipper (bottom part not intact anymore), a beautiful white Art Deco cassette, and contains a razor, a stropper, a leather strop, and two built in, hinged, bladecontainers. Utterly fablous state, if I may say so :)
DSC02997.JPG DSC02999.JPG DSC03000.JPG DSC03001.JPG DSC03002.JPG DSC03004.JPG DSC03005.JPG DSC03007.JPG DSC03008.JPG DSC03009.JPG DSC03010.JPG DSC03011.JPG DSC03012.JPG DSC03013.JPG DSC03014.JPG DSC03015.JPG DSC03016.JPG DSC03017.JPG DSC03018.JPG DSC03019.JPG DSC03021.JPG DSC03022.JPG DSC03023.JPG DSC03024.JPG DSC03025.JPG DSC03026.JPG DSC03027.JPG


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Ever Ready Streamline made in England is probably the best of the vintage single edge razors. They are built like tanks and very beautiful. They shave slightly rougher than the 1912 that is was loosely based on, but very efficient shaver. I had one a while back but traded it for a Gillette Aristocrat Jr and a 1941 Ranger Tech.


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Here is another very rare one. Look at the pattern on the back of the razor. The box has a rotating handle to close it.
Didn't have time to clean the razor. The Owner didn't wanna sell it, but after begging and mighty psychological harassment :hammer1, he finally gave it up with. This also had an effect on my bank account.
This strategy worked for me and I am planning on using it on Richard to sell one of his Multiplexes and also his Razor six, if he still has it :cool: