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Experiences with full hollow, ½, ¼, wedge grindings


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As known straight razors can be grinded in different ways. Ulrich made a beautiful overview with all kinds of grinds. There is even a version for a tuff beard....

That gives me the question: does these grindings shave different?

To start answering: I have lent a Abr. Knyn from @Tony (thx!) with ¼ hollow grind. My experiences were:
the razor has more weight. With 23,5 mm it is 75 gr. A bit more than my 7/8 inch razors. Further it is a silent razor. Most striking is it feels the knife has less tendency to bite. On the other hand: a full hollow glides over a mosquito bump and this razor goes right through....:(

And your thoughts?
I think i have most of the gridings that are out there including A couple of Near wedges. I think that there is not much difference between shaving with a near wedge and a 1/4 hollow. They are usually heavier than the rest and when shaving some caution is in order. I would go to a more hollow razor when I am tired or have the feeling that I won’t be able to concentrate enough on the shaving.
The 1/2 and full hollow razors I have a the heavier ones like 60 grams and above, the lighter ones have all found a new owner in the last few years.
Very interesting thread and indeed, different grindings Shave a bit different.

I agree with Tony that the difference between a quarter Hollow and a near wedge or wedge is not so big but perceptible. Anyhow such razors Shave me more direkt, although, if honed right, not aggressive. For my tight beard in particular quarter hollow and wedges Shave me better against the grain.

The difference between full hollow and half hollow for me is more remarkable than the difference between quarter hollow and wedge. To be honest half hollow for me is the best Allrounder blade.

Full hollow and singing hollow are be bit more tricky. In general I like them if they have enough wight, as they Shave very mild, however, against the grain I have to concentrate a bid more as these blades tent a bid to “dig in” into my skin. Anyhow, I realize more and more that I use more my full hollows than the wedges. I think the best combination for me would be to start with a full hollow the first to passes and finish the las pass with a quarter hollow or wedge... or only use half hollows.

But, only well organized people do the same thing every day of their lives and I love entertainment and diversion. :D