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F. Herder abr Sohn


Well-Known Member
Welcome gentlemen,

Look what I found. A beautiful Solingen shoulderless blade. :thumbup:

What do my respected fraud hunters think? :) To me it looks pretty promising, but maybe something escaped my attention? I superimposed the scales on the last picture to estimate the proportions better.




Hmmm. Looks like you have a winner…

Friedrich Herder Abraham Sohn (Friedrich Herder Abraham's son)
Trademarks: Ace of Spades and the cross fork arranged double key.

The blade looks un-molested, in excellent shape, and not much hone-were if any (OK it's got patina... but that's of little concern because that's how it should be).

However I am a bit cautious about the scales... I could be wrong about this but they do not appear to match the blade. What kind of material is it?
Matt I think that Razor is unhappy, and it told me that it wants you to send it to me :D

Nice looking Score my friend

My best Regards
Ralfson (Dr)
Dammit! You've got your super cool fancy TI's, leave some treats for other people out there! :lol:

Hm, seeing the money Maro is ready to pay (why on Earth I don't do IT stuff?), I can safely wave farewell to her, heheh.

Hmm, they're not at all as nice as this one :) , but thanks anyway Robin. Somehow I omitted to look around on German ebay. :thumbup:

What I was trying to say is that there are always some of them there. And they are usually reasonably priced. This one was €30, if I recall correctly.
Matt said:
Dammit! You've got your super cool fancy TI's, leave some treats for other people out there! :lol:
Hm, seeing the money Maro is ready to pay (why on Earth I don't do IT stuff?), I can safely wave farewell to her, heheh.
My "super cool fancy TI's" as you named them, are so cool and fancy that I'm still affraid to screw them up. :p
Besides, I bought them before I barely knew how to shave with straihgts. Following my girlfriend's advise (free translation: "you're too poor to buy crap") I bought the most expensive razors I could afford at those times (correct or not, I assumed that the quality linearly followed the price). I shaved with them as long as I could and put them to the drawer when became dull. But I'm not that crazy anymore (I hope :D ), so no worries.
I haven't observed any symptoms of RAD, HAD or whatever xAD in myself so I'll step down if you're interested.

By the way, I'm not IT guy (look at my posts of novice about RSS) but telecom.
I'm sorry, it was quite inappropriate of me, actually. :blush: Accept my apologies.

No need to step down intentionally, it's a free world after all, and so are the auction sites. Happy bidding. :):thumbup:

kind regards,
What are you talking about? :huh:
Maybe I can't read between the lines (I've never been good at it) but I can't see anything inappropriate in your post. B)
So, hej, let me know your encrypted name for the auction so I won't bid with you in case I enter the auction (All in all, I haven't decided yet. I just wrote that I'm watching it.). :thumbup:
After a long time...
...I actually managed to win it... :)

There it goes:


I reset the bevel on 500 and 1000 sandpaper and then moved to a Coti. I was actually struggling for a while to get shaving arm hair stage, which I initially attributed to the smiling edge (my first one). It turned out that I was using too dense slurry. :) I managed to Dilucot it (I guess) and shaved with it, pretty decent shave it was. As for the scales the're made of plastic imitating wood. They look decent IMHO, I think they might be original ones.

Go Matt Go!!
very nice old girl you have there Sir :thumbup: I am loving the look of the blade
First Class!

Pip Pip Old Bean
Indeed a fine razor she is... I believe the scales are original as the rivets appear to be unmolested.
Well done Matt... well done.
Hmm I see someone's been kind enough to rescale the picture for me, thanks, I forgot it can be done through forum, too. :thumbup:
Ahhh yes... learned that lurking the forum... and read a post about rescaling photos...

Type "=800" (no spaces) before the square brackets... It will realize the photo to 800 pixels width... that's the maximum size for the forum