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F. Herder


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In the Straight Razor section, I've shown the razor part of my 1902 Herder catalogue. The last page showed a Herder lathercatcher. Figured it would be nice to show the razor itself as well.
Classic lathercatcher as dozens if not hundreds have been made, even the handle is a ripoff of the Kampfe/Star lathercatchers of the time. A blade is pushed under the clasps and locked into place by the little lever on the rear. Nice detail (also available on a lot of models of the time): there are small adjustment screws on the clasps, that can be adjusted with the handle, with which you can control how far the blade can move forward.
Pics have been cropped after resizing, hence the different formats.
This one resembles the earlier Star Kampfe razors, although there seem to have a blade stop in front (though very small). The adjustment screws were there for when you hone a wedge blade too much and it gets shorter, you can open up the screws to allow the blade to move forward to compensate for the slightly shorter blade. The King is correct in that these old lather catchers were really works of art, and they shaved very efficiently with a well honed wedge blade.