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Favour request for Gary


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I have a specific question for our Gary - would it be possible to see a video of your very own shave? I know there are tons of shaves out there on YT, but I don't if anyone shaving himself is a professional barber. I know you are. I believe that seeing your technique would be of tremendous help to many, not only me. :) Of course, as long as you're comfortable with that.

Anyone else feels it might be a nice thing to see?

(btw, is "an ask" correct, huh :confused: )



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Yeah, so I think a better way of phrasing it would be "Asking a favor of Gary" (more formal/polite) or "Favor request for Gary" (more informal) or something like that. Also, the difference in "a" and "an" is merely the initial sound of the word that follows it. Consonant sounds get the "a" and vowel sounds get the "an" (eg, "a favor" vs "an artist"). I'm not being nit-picky, but I noticed you said you have "an specific" request in the OP. Since you asked for clarification on the other part, I thought you'd appreciate that little tip. :)

It would be interesting to see his video, I think.


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I asked Gary about this, also, a couple weeks ago. I think he is planning to do one, or has one in the works.


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I'd love to see one too, if it wouldn't be an imposition.:thumbup:

Every now and again, I give a straight razor shave to my son, and I find that it's both easier and harder to do someone else. Gary's video has helped quite a bit, for which my son thanks him! It's helped my shave too, but it's hard to translate what he does to the image i see in the mirror.


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I would also love to get some insight, especially shaving between stretched fingers. I have yet to master getting a grip, even with alum coated fingers, or fangers for my redneck brethren. Most of my stretching is done with facial expressions or on one side of the pass only.


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I'm interested too. I think Gary and Ralfy both had plans to do this. I think they just haven't gotten around to it. (Plans? What are those?)