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Feather 1500


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We all know Feather from their bloody sharp blades, their AS-D2 and their Artist Club Exchangeable Blade Straights (Most of us would say Shavette, but that is ™Dovo/Merkur, so should not be used for other brands.). They made, however, numerous other razors, amongst which this beautiful model 1500.
The interesting thing here is that it is a Humpback-razor, with a regular baseplate, like some late-model Mulcuto. The razor is such, that for best results you ride the top-cap, and by riding the top-cap, you are forced to hold it at an angle: instant slant.
The razor is very mild, and as the shape forces just one useable angle, you have to take care while shaving in order to remove hair.
DSC09668.JPG DSC09669.JPG DSC09670.JPG DSC09671.JPG DSC09672.JPG DSC09673.JPG DSC09674.JPG DSC09675.JPG DSC09676.JPG DSC09677.JPG


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Interesting that they would put a mark on one side of the cap and base, but it appears that the base is symmetrical and the screw post is not angled. Very nice looking razor anyway.