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Finish Honing on the Cheap.


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So today I took a Geneva Cutlery 6/8 Hollow to my Chinese 12k and a CO2 pasted strop to see if you can get a great edge on the cheap. Yes, you can. About 150 passes on a 6 by 2 inch 12k, then 100 passes on the CO2. I know that many passes on CO2 is beyond what is normally accepted. However, I was told by more than one old school barber that its ok as long as you don't load the strop up.

The shave was one of my better to date. I'm still a novice honer, but as long as I can shave with it I am happy with that. Lastly, Geneva Cutlery razors are one of my favs. More so due to the price. They just work!
Love Geneva cutlery razors... the nickel plated ones are sometimes a crapshoot... The they are a pain to hone because the steel is a bit hard and prone to chipping... but the cro2 pasted strop will get them sharp so long as the bevel is in good shape.

Happy shaving my friend.