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Finishing Wenge Wood


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Torben has sent me some Wenge for scales, thank you Torbs its lovely.
My question is, can I finish it with something other than ca glue? in my limited experience thats all I have used, just wondered if theres something different I could consider

Thanks guys

Me. hahaha
Bart is correct about the large pores. Before you start to put a finish on, try to get these pores filled first. I have played around with colors, but because of the light brown and dark brown striations, could never get a filler to suite me. What I finally did was use multiple coats of sanding sealer, light sanding between coats, to fill those pores. Once you have that out of the way, you can put your final finish on.

I try to stay away from the epoxy finish only because I think the CA finish ends up better, is easier to apply and there is way less work involved.

There are other finishes you can consider here. Shellack works very well and you can manipulate the gloss using steel wool. Lacquer works well also, but use the spray can with very light coats until you reach the depth you like. A standard Danish oil finish is nice too and also very easy to apply. And don't forget about the water base finishes. These take a little practice to get the final luster you want, but are really easy to use and cleanup is simple. When you are finished, put a coat of some nice furniture wax on top and polish to perfection.

If you need help with any finish you decide to use, let me know and I will try and give you some pointers along the way.

Thank you both thats awesome :thumbup:
I will check out our local diy store and see what they sell
Best wishes to you both
Hmmm, lovely, I have some shellac in my drawer, great! :)

Wonderful tips, as always, I will definitely make use of them too (wink wink, Torben ;) )

[note=Wikipedia]Shellac is a resin secreted by the female lac bug, on trees in the forests of India and Thailand.[/note]

BTW, Ralfy, were you that fast that it's only finishing you need to have those scales completed? :)

kind regards,
hahaha nah I just like to have everything in place before I start, remember PPPPPP
Proper,Planning,Prevents,Piss,Poor,Performance :thumbup:

Best regards
Ralfson (Dr)

Oh btw someone on SRP has started calling me Doc!
(wink wink, Torben )

yes yes yes I know!!!:blush: :blush: :blush:
Will send you a little extra to make up for the delay...sorry mate! But to be honest, due to certain difficulties,razors hav`nt been the primary thing on my mind lately.

And _right now_ I`ll go and find your package;)


Btw..some time ago I finished a razor in cherry and a wenge wedge. Tried a CA finish for the first time(usually use linnen seed oil for everything). The cherry scales got a nice silky finish but the wenge turned almost yellow/black. dont know if this is normal for this procedure but, if it is so I wont recomend it for wenge. next time I`ll try some crushed beetles in a jar;-)
Oh my...

By all means it was NOT meant as hurrying you up, mate! It was just I was actually thinking that you had already sent it and, well, all the Ralfy's questions would apply for me as well... :blush:

I have never experienced such willingness to help and share, such a good will and class from people I have never met in person (so far). Priceless. It's a true honour for me to be here.

kind regards,

No offence taken! Please dont think so...Ralfy`s package was prepared first,then yours was awaiting..but somehow it ended up at at my wifes desk:( And that desk is..a mess..

No need for thanking, for different reasons I`ve got loads of free timber/wood meant for kitchen tables. This means it`s "scrap" wood and glued slaps. As a result of this a lot of wood is wasted during the cutting procedure, about a 1/3 is left.That also means mirrored slaps is rare..and in the case of the unlikely coupled`s unlikely to leave this place;)

Regards to all of you gents
torbenbp said:
No need for thanking (...)

What do you mean by that, my friend? You took some time and care to do it for me, even if it was not much effort it's still a valuable thing for me!

kind regards,