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First article in a brandnew section on


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Our venerable Ray has recently started a great thread about the rescaling of razors, on this very forum.
The information he presented is far too valuable to let it slowly dissolve into the ever growing archive of yesterday's threads. So I asked Ray if he would be willing to pour the information into a permanent article. Which he did. Thanks Ray. :thumbup:

The article is available on a new section of the Information Mine, baptized the Restoration Room. (whether this will be abbreviated to the Rest Room remains to be seen. :D ). Ray's article is the first to be published, but hopefully not the last.

Best regards,
Sir Bart & Sir Ray....All of your knowledge and willingness to share it is admirable...
Few peoble are ready to do the same...You both do beautyful work,work that is valued and admired by our kind of folks ;ø So thank you for sharing your knowledge!!

Ray,stunning job...absolutely wonderfull...Thanks for the pictures!