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first experience with Coticule edge


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Today I received a shave ready razor from Bart and got the opportunity to experience how it shaves. I mentioned in a email that the two (cheap NOS) razors I bought didn't really perform well in the AHT and I had problems shaving with them. He send me a shave ready razor that same day, so I could try out how a coticule edge feels.

I've just shaved with it and for the first time I was able to do my cheeks, most of my neck, under the nose and lips. The chin I left for another time after trying several times (bit of pulling). I think I'm just not confident enough to make the correct strokes on my chin.

I've only started learning so a whole lot of my problems are related to my inexperience. First two weeks with my other razors I was only able to do small parts of my face and lots of pulling. (They where honed with a progression of 2000-5000-8000-16000 and stropped on leather before sending them to me, tested them before stropping myself)

I also received a (old cheap) razor today from the US, shave ready. Good to make a comparison so I shaved one cheek with that one and the rest with Bart's razor. There is a evident difference between the feel of the shaves. The Coticule edge feels a lot smoother and is much more forgiving. What surprised me most was that a single WTG pass left my cheeks very smooth, with a DE I need 3 passes.

There is much to learn before I can really shave myself with a SR but I like the challenge and enjoy myself. Thanks for helping me out Bart! (thanks also to all others who write lots of interesting stuff here). Ron


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It's always nice to hear someone making progress. and I have to say once you get the taste of it, it goes very fast. I mean I was in the same position a bit over a year ago



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Welcome to, Ron.
And welcome to the wonderful world of straight razor shaving.
Stick around and you'll soon be honing those smooth edges for yourself.
I'm assuming you're planning on buying a coticule?


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Welcome to the straigh razor world Ron . Be sure that will be a unselfish support.
Best rgds


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Hi Ron,

Good to hear the razor arrived swiftly.
I think you picked up the kindness of a Coticule edge quite well.:)

For shaving the chin, I'll try to give you some tips. It's difficult to describe without being able to show you. But there will be plenty of opportunity to do that when we meet later this month.

Don't bother too much with conering the chin during the WTG pass. Just shave down under your lower lip and let the razor run off your face as it clears the bottom of your chin. Continue just below the chin for shaving down on your neck. This will leave a very narrow strip of unshaved skin right on the corner of your chin, but that can be easily dealt with during the second pass over.

During that second pass over, use a flat shaving angle (the spine close to your skin). For the middle part of your neck, under the chin, shave upwards with short gentle strokes. You don't really need to lift the razor off your skin when you move it back. It's a repetitive movement: you push the edge forward about 10mm, pull it back about 5mmn, push it forward about 10mm, pull, push, etc... use as light pressure as you can. When you arrive at the corner of you chin, simply allow the razor to run off your face again. If you stick your chin out well, so that the skin is nicely tightened, you'll already shaved most of that remaining strip of hairs from the WTG pass.
Once everything below the chin and cheekbone is cleared in this fashion, and the cheeks are done above the cheekbones, you can come up the chin by starting with the razor on the cheekbones. Let's presume you hold the razor in your right hand and you're going the shave the left side of your chin (please mimic this with your fingers while your read along). Put the razor over your left cheek bone with the edge facing your chin. Now, start the stroke sideways, same short back and forth strokes, always keep the razor in motion (the secret of a good shave!). Follow your cheek bone till you arrive up your chin. At that point, gradually turn the edge upwards and continue the stroke till you arrive at your lower lip.
The same needs to be copied at the other side of the face, something you'll easily figure out. I shave single handedly, so I change the way I hold the razor for that. People who shave with both hands, only need to mirror the motions.

I'm not sure how clearly understandably this is, without illustrations, but at least I tried.
Let's hope you'll find something that will help you.



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@geruchtemoaker: Thanks, up until now there was not much progress because of the razors I tried to shave with, this is different, at least I can now train the shaving part. Long way to go but I enjoy the journey as much as the end result. Groetjes

@RicTic: Thanks and yes there will be a stone in the near future to touch up my razors.

@Emmanuel: I already found out, without asking several people have contacted me to help out if I needed it. Gives a great feeling for sure, remembers me of a time long gone when people still cared about neighbours and friends and such.... I really didn't expect that someone would send one of there own razors to a unknown person to help out, I hope that in time I can help others in the same way on there journey.

@Bart: Thank for the tips, helped me all right! Have a nice day, Ron