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First impressions


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For those that don't know, today was my first attempt at honing with a natural stone of any kind.

I was anxious to get my feet wet with the new La Veinette, so this morning I sat down with the razor I used yesterday, a Weyersberg Corneta... a pretty good shaver, but yesterday's shave was a bit harsh, leaving some razor bumps. I was wondering if the Coticule could improve it.
So 30 half strokes on each side, and 50 X strokes, all in the palm of my hand and with water only.. no slurry. Honing in my palm is also a new experience for me, but I took to it rather easily, and i find it gives me a much better feel of what's happening "where the rubber meets the road," so to speak. Stropped 30 Linen and 60 Leather. HHT was possibly not quite as good as some other blades.
The shave was great! Improved sharpness and notably smoother, and the smoothness was what I was looking for from this blade.

So, I've taken my first tentative baby steps. I did not to any bevel setting or real sharpening, just a touch-up, but I intend to take it slowly as I learn how the stone acts, and what it can do in relation to what I do.

I consider my initial attempt a success... At least I didn't dull the razor, and it sure is nice not to have to lap the swarf out of the Naniwas! Honing in my palm is a revelation, and the stone tells me what's happening far better than a synthetic.

I've a long path to follow, but right now I'm happy the journey is under way!


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You may be surprised to find that the long path, isn't as long as you might imagine.
Jump straight in from dulling and all the way through dilucot.
If it doesn't quite work out for you, there's still unicot to give you that edge you wanted.
And in the meantime, you're learning your stone that little bit extra with every session.
It's a steep learning curve, but very enjoyable.
I'm pretty new to coticules too Bill, but I'm getting fantastic results already. Not every single time, but my success rate is constantly improving. :)


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Thank you for posting, Bill.

I don't know if you've already seen it, but I have sketched up a sort of approach for fellows who are preferred to take it slow and easy. It's a good idea to first get some practice on only water.

The first part is here:
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And the second part here:
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Of course, many Coticule sharpeneers have a mind of their own, and choose a different learning curve. Which is perfectly fine, of course. There is something between these Coticules and the strong-minded. ;)

Enjoy :thumbup: ,



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I've read those Bart, but they are worth re-reading. It will probably take numerous reads... I've been told I'm dense!


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BlacknTan said:
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No Bill you mean Welsh! hahahaha (Sorry) :p

You did great Sir William! that sounds like you enjoyed it too, which at the end of the day is what its all about yeah?

What I suggest is that take the same razor, give it another 50 regular X strokes on water, then strop 60/60 cloth/leather (the 60 is important) and try HHT again, see if the shave is sharper and even a little smoother.

Best wishes
Ralfson (Dr)


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Bart said:
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Love it!
Was that a typo or intentional?
I don't care, i still love it!

Coticule sharpeneer... that's me! I gotta add that to my signature!

Coticule Sharpeneer and Dilucot Disciple.


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tat2Ralfy said:
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I'll try it Ralfy.

I'll be leaving in the AM and gone for the week, maybe more... Away from all electronic media, (which is a pleasurable experience from time to time), doing my "Grizzly Adams" thing..

Let ya' know when I get back!