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Flic is a bit of a curiosity. What was the case? Flic was a brand of Voos, in Solingen, who wanted to sell razors to the Englishspeaking markets. The problem was, he didn't have a distributionchannel. So he contacted Dovo, who did, and they were willing to help him, probably in exchange for some Deutschmarks.
So far, nothing strange, except Dovo, they were Dorp & Voos. So the owner of half a razorbrand basically decides to run a competing brand, and use the other brand to sell it.

I like Flic. Very well shaving razors. Here's two of them.

DSC00861.JPG DSC00862.JPG DSC00864.JPG DSC00865.JPG DSC00869.JPG DSC00870.JPG DSC00872.JPG DSC00873.JPG DSC00875.JPG DSC00877.JPG