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Focus Tritok


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Focus, the maker of the famous (infamous?) Focus Dynamic just released their Tritok razors which uses DE blades without needing to snap them in half to use as an SE. I just took delivery of the R53 which was their slant. All three razors in the Tritok series had a very thin, flat, beveled cap and a very thin base plate to match. The entire razor was made of aluminum and so was very light.



The base plate is just barely torqued and it almost takes a magnifying glass to see where it is, however trust me, it is because the base plate is uneven on a flat surface. The handle, even though it is smooth, has those bumps in strategic places, which makes it easy to hold, even with wet hands. One problem with the threading of the post is that it stops short of the top and the handle has an unthreaded area to accommodate that. What this means, however, is that unless yo use a thick washer, you cannot add weight to this razor by using a heavier handle.



Shaving with this razor was quite a challenge. It has a set angle defined by the bevel on the cap, however finding that angle with a cap that thin is hard to do especially when you are plowing through lather. The other thing is that lather management is not great because of the thin lather holes and the edge of the cap being so close. WTG pass was a challenge. ATG was surprisingly good as it allowed some feedback to keeping your shave angle. Overall, this was close to a full three pass shave and took a lot of hard work to get that. Surprisingly, the dry touch up worked well with this razor as there was no lather to get in the way of the shave. It was a good thing I used a good performing soap to help. First shave with this razor, and I am not impressed.