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For Denny, viewer discression required


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Ok Denny ;)

first the most recent Tattoo I did on Liam, about 2 weeks ago:


And mine done last Thursday:



Ralfson (Dr)


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:D :D

I have no comment! Woot!

What's your Grandma think of that 'eh?

Problem I see with owning a Tat parlour, would be that it wouldn't take long to run out of skin... The rest of us... well... you know how much good art work is worth! I'd need a second mortgage to get the work done I'd like. No shortage of un-inked skin on me.

Nice job, nice clean lines. If I ever make a trip across the pond, I'll definetly be stopping in for a bit of work.:thumbup:


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No offence intended of course :)

BTW do the Tattoos come across as harsh as your reply Sir Bart?

Ralfson (Dr)


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Nice work indeed. :thumbup:
I don't think I've met anyone who can write that neatly with a pen, let alone a needle!


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tat2Ralfy said:
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I don't know. On an arm or a forum post, I think the words mean about the same. Of course, as a non-native speaker, I can't discern between the finer points of the English language. Only yesterday I learned that there's a difference between a "midget" and a "dwarf".

But I don't think the statement on your arm is intended to be harsh, and neither was that impulsively made joking post of mine.
Of course, humor is a personal affair, and if you're offended by my words, I sincerely apologize.

Kind regards,


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"Fuck you" pretty much means "fuck you". No language barrier there.:D :D


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Well, Ralphy, I am truly honored to be the impetus for this thread. Average Joes indeed!! I could tell from several clues that you were an artiste, indeed. I had to ask myself, though, if the tat was a comment on my pestering you about more pictures and if you would really go that far to tell me to fuck off. Actually, I have no doubt of the answer to that question.:thumbup: I once ended up bald because an officer pestered me too many times about the length of my hair. You are a bright light in this life, Dr. Ralphson. Yours fucking truly, Denny

p.s. I would debate anyone of the several different meanings of "fuck you".