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For people who use the HHT test


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So when you are honing a new razor...what is your minimum score before you consider shaving with it? HHT3? 4? 5?



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Ill shave with an HHT 3 or better. I would prefer a HHT 5, but then again I would prefer many things in life that are not coming to me easily. I strive for perfection, but am willing to compromise somewhat. Besides, the HHT 3 does provide me with a nice shave if need be. But im usually averaging a 4 at the moment.


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With the hair i use. I will settle for a 3/2 of the hone.
After stropping a 4/3. This can vary on the razor type. The coticule your using. I have found a three after stropping is suficient. I have found that a good hht4 normaly gives me a spot on edge. As for a five. It is possible and i have got a five on certain razors. I would settle for a three on a bad day . A four is what i always aim for after linen/leather . The shave is normaly magic.

Also i lay the hair gently onto the cutting edge. I don't force it. If the hair severs, then i'm ready to shave. So basicly don't settle for less than three of the strop. If you do you find the razor may shave with some resistants .

regards gary

ps best thing is to have a razor honed by bart or ralfy. Then you can compare the hht to your own razors, that you hone.


jfdupuis said:
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Jean Feansois.
If a razor has a perfect honing for my taste a never check it with HHT .After time elapsed i return to the hone once draws the whiskers.
Did you receive my PM with my address.
Best regards


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It does not matter. Everyone needs to relate how his source of hairs responds to his shave. And then, there's the moment when the HHT is performed. The HHT responds differently when the edges is stropped, than when it comes straight of the hone. And then there's the used finishing hone. HHT-score don't fully compare between different kinds of edge finished.

Kind regards,


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garyhaywood said:
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That is just what I do, I want a HHT 4 before shaving, and after strolling, a 3 off the hone is the point at which I go to the strop, the most important thing as said, is to learn how your test hairs respond, and how that relates to shave quality, it will be different for everyone.

Ralfson (Dr)


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I will try for a HHT 4 every time, but usually settle for a 3. The only case where I push further is if I am getting one point on the blade with a 4, but the rest is a 3 then I will try to make the entire edge consistent (usualy I end up making it all a 3 instead of a 4).
I still have trouble with my hair supply as I have the thickest hair in the house and I am blonde.