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For those of you with video equipment...


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Recently I've been wondering why there isn't that many honing videos of coticules on the internet. Bart has his Youtube channel and Maxim of JNS has his with a few coticules but there's a lack on line of just straight honing.

I thought it would be a cool project to those of you with video cameras to post a dilucot of each layer of coticule you own. This can show the speed of each layer, in a series video, and the speed in water. We could add a library of the videos to show the properties of each stone...The more we post the best information there is on the hones layers.

Just an idea I thought would be informative for people wanting to watch and learn.


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I don't see the point in shooting footage of different layers just for the sake they are other layers. the only difference could be that one stone is a bit slower/faster than the other. and even a starter should be able to parse the thing he sees and make it work on his own coticule.

this are my thoughts

kind regards


I think Stijn is making quite a valid point here. There are too many videos on the internet already. And quite honestly, what is there to be learnt from looking at someone honing a razor for 10 seconds more or less? Unless you actually grab a hone, and learn its characteristics, I doubt that there is anything to be learnt from this.

Even worse, this approach could be used to confound this site's proposition that all Coticules can be used for honing within a relatively small margin of diversity. So you'd get someone with lots of dexterity and experience honing the razor on a slow cutting Coticule in 2 minutes, whereas someone less skilled would need 10 minutes on a fast cutting one. What's there to be learnt from this?



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I agree. Let`s keep Bart`s video as point of reference.Any coticule hones,it`s most important who`s doing the actual honing.



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I don't think it is a so bad idea. There's a lot of threads here about different strategies more suited to a special kind of layer.
So if it is visible on a video why not? it 's a way to capitalize all the knowledges on this website. Maybe a panel of members could choose the more "educational" videos. I don't think as Robin this would lead people to think that not all coticule can be used to hone a razor and that some layers are superior to others but they have different properties which lead to the same final result.
I'm also a member of a french straight razor forum and the dilucot method was very welcomed there. But few of their members think that coticule are really good finishers, a lot of them think that coticule edge are for users with low requirements.After dilucot they use paste or other "finer" hone.
So I think that also videos :close up, slow down, onset of run up,... of the finishing stage from misty slurry to X stroke could be useful ( when I watch Bart's video in the water stage it seems to be magical).

Kind regards



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If they weren't welcome on, we wouldn't have gone through the trouble of adding video-tags to the software that parses the forum posts. So, bring them on, I say. :)

But I do think that we must not confuse the concept of instructional videos with videos that just show someone performing something. It can be fun to watch a guy play his guitar, but there is practically zero to learn from that for a novice player. While an experienced musician may pick up a thing or two from seeing other guys play, a novice really needs instructional video, which is an entirely different format.

When we transfer this analogy to honing video, it becomes even more problematic, because with music, you can still hear the guy's performance, but while watching a honing video, you have little idea about how the razor is going to shave in the end. When I watch the video that was shared earlier on, for instance, I can't help myself thinking that the razor may not have ended up shaving well without additional stropping on pastes or some other technique for further refinement. But I could easily be wrong. If you watch Thelonious Monk play without sound, you could think that he performed really sloppy. But that couldn't be further form the truth. That's why, after watching that video, I chose to refrain from comments, and I'm only revealing them now for the sake of example.

Right now, there is only an instructional video for Unicot. The Dilucot video is just a quick, uncut illustration of the Dilucot procedure when the concept of "halfstrokes" was first introduced. Before that, we were all doing Dilucot with nothing but X-strokes. Many X-strokes...
A real instructional video is in the make. It will show every important detail of an approach that is guaranteed to work if the "student" manages to copy the instructions in the correct order. An illustrative video just shows something (usually only off one angle) that may work for the guy doing it. If I were to imitate Thelonious Monk, I would definitely end up playing a very sloppy performance indeed.

Bottom line: while any illustrative honing video is welcome, what inexperienced Coticule users really need is more and better instructional videos. We tried to form a video team about a year ago, but there was little anima among our members to get knee-deep video production. Attempts are currently made to resurrect these plans. If there are members reading this, with some spare time and an active interest in video production, please shoot one of the associates an e-mail.

Kind regards,


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i'd like to see more video's on coticule honing. it would be great to watch. new guys and experianced guys can see how other guys hold the razor, and perform the half strokes etc.
i have no video recorder. i'd like to see some videos . i must invest in one.



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I also like this idea. I have very much appreciated the occasional honing/shaving videos that pop up here from time to time. More would only be a good thing. I enjoy sharing this hobby with everyone here, and think this is just an extension of that. Most of us are not so lucky as to have a local honing partner, and this is the next best thing.

That said, I too fall into the camp that the vein should not be a focus of the video. Its a factor to be sure, but most techniques should be similar for stones of a similar speed. The quirks of one vein or another might make for some poignant commentary, but really to me its a secondary factor. I admit I'm a bit stone/vein crazy, but thats the collector in me, not the honer.

garyhaywood said:
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+1 I'd love to see your technique. Your posts have always been very helpful, and a live demo would be great.


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when joe pops over with martin, hw his bringing a camcorder, i'm hoping it will work, its the older one with tape. so i'm hoping to do a shave on my self. joe wants a shave also , and we are going to hone a thew razors up. I will be bringing all my coticules, also joe will. martin should be there also. I'll see what happens, it could be next thursday, or some thursday after that. Every one does things differantly, so it s all ways good to watch and learn. beleive it or not , when iwas a saturday lad at the age of 14, working in a barber shop, i watched and learn't how to cut hair. when i was'nt sweeping up, i was watching how they held there scissors and comb, at the same time, how they cut round ears etc, you can defanatley learn to shave your self by watching some one else.



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Youll have to let me know which Thursday it is Gary, theres a slight chance I can get the day off and come over with my Camcorder too :thumbup:

Ralfson (Dr)


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I know you and I have talked a lot about posting some instructions up in video format. It'd be good to see you LOL. :thumbup:


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tat2Ralfy said:
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i will let you no. i no you have your own buisaness, and like me it cost you to take days out, so i will let you no, if you carn't make it, no worrys, but it would be nice to see you. And you can also do a dilucot . I acatauly think it will be next thursday, if joe can get day off.

cheers gary


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I would dearly love to see an instructional video by Gary and Ralfy..

I would be like the "All Star Game" in sports!