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I fully intended to have a shave off between my WR2 1.15 and my Diamondback by now, but it seems that dialing in my WR2 is taking a little longer than expected. Tonight I decided to try putting on "training wheels" to my WR2 by pulling out my vintage Personna DE razor. The Personna was nicknamed the BBS-0 because many thought it resembled a pre BBS-1.



The cap fit well enough on my WR2 and so I tried shaving with the Personna cap on my WR2 base plate tonight, using the angle given by the cap.


Using the angle of the cap, I noticed immediately that the feel of the shave was slightly more aggressive than when I tried finding my own angle, however after the WTG pass, I also found out it was more efficient. I ended up with a one pass near BBS, however I wanted to see how it performed ATG. The ATG pass was more medium, however the efficiency remained. I ended up with a two pass BBS with minimal touch up.

Later this week I will try to use that angle that the Personna cap taught me, which was less cap and more guard.
never seen that razor before, thanks!